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Ed Amann

Ed is a guitarist, songwriter and folk singer.  He was born and raised in the Cuyahoga Valley between Cleveland and Akron Ohio.  Early on Ed developed a love for folk and other guitar based music.  His early performing years were as guitarist with a variety of local commercial bands in several genres. Ed's solo shows celebrate the oral tradition of folk music.  All songs, original and cover are performed from memory. There is no set list so it is never the same show twice.  Songs are selected in real-time as Ed responds to his audience.

Keith Lamont Bachman

Rick Bruening

Earning his way through life with his guitar and his stories, Rick Bruening spends most of his week days in a Senior Community located somewhere in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, or West Virginia. He says it is one of the most fulfilling and gratifying ways to use one's musical talents.
On weekends his folk styled presentations make him a popular performer at coffee house settings and outdoor music venues, especially around the harvest time of year.
Though his songwriting has faded a bit over the past several years, Rick says that his current career is about as good as it gets in the entertainment business. When asked by folks what he is doing lately, he quickly responds: "I'm still living the dream".

Larry Davis

Larry Davis has been in the music business for 51 years. He started with a high school basement rock ‘n roll band as a lead singer that played local teen dances. Still in high school, he joined a local affiliate of “Up With People” called “Sing Out Akron” which is where he met the love of his life, Karen.  Larry has played a single on guitar, played bass in a country band, a wedding band, and a calypso band, sang with jazz groups, was the director of music at the Newman Center at Kent State, taught elementary and middle school music. Currently he is playing in the duo Tucker & Davis. Larry has been a member of the Songwriters since 2009.

Jim Dime

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Jim Dutter

Jim Dutter is one-third of a terrific band called Rock, Salt and Nails. This trio of musicians play music that spans two generations of the most seminal works of Traditional Folk. Excellent communicators, this group always engages the audience, and has a large loyal following.
Jim co-writes many of the songs played on their set list.

Kevin Eblen

Kevin Eblen is a second generation singer/songwriter from the Northern Ohio area. His mother Midge wrote country music for local and national acts as well as jingles used in commercials for BF Goodrich and Macintyre Chevrolet.  Kevin has had two songs released in Australia, first with "Dance Dance Dance" and later with "She Can't Hurt Me Anymore"  He's also written a song released in China called "Children of the Wind" recorded by The Cleveland Chinese Music Ensemble.     
Kevin songs have been recorded by bands including Pony Up, Jacoby Road, The Short Lane Jam Band, and Kron.   Local musicians also perform his tunes, such as Christian McFee.

Benny Gonzalez

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Don Henson

Don Henson is the founding member of Songwriter Summit and has served as president since it's inception in 2003. His background in musical theatre while attending Wright State University in Dayton provided a solid base for his style of story-telling songs. From theatre productions, playing shows at Geauga Lake and Cedar Point, spending three years with a national touring band, Don's resume has helped him become the singer/songwriter he is today.

Bev Hutchens

Bev Hutchens and her late husband John always loved listening to live music. In 2002, they discovered a wonderful coffee shop in the neighborhood called the Riverfront Coffee Mill that hosted live local music almost every night. They also discovered there were lots of great people there who shared their love of music and writing. Being only a poet (lyricist), Bev always needed a partner to collaborate with to finish a song. John was a great partner when the song was his style but branching out to blues and pop brought her lyrics to a new level. When Songwriter Summit was born, Bev and John went full tilt, participating in all the events, board meetings, workshops, and gatherings. Bev says, “What a wonderful experience for 14 years!”

Lifetime Member

Marty Kubilus

Lifetime Member

Scott Marshall

Scott Marshall , a singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist , has performed at a variety of venues over the years. From the Famous Bluebird in Nashville and The NashvilleEar Songwriter Stage to the Cleveland Improv and Akron`s Spaghetti Warehouse. As a songwriter , his genre of choice is classic country. But he also writes folk , bluegrass, rock , and comedy/novelty. He is currently a member of BMI , The Inspirational Country Music Association , and the Tennessee Songwriters Association International.

Jon David Miller

Tom Miller

The picture is from 1967, Optical Aluzion, Columbiana Ohio. Tom Miller still has the vest but says it has shrunk over the years. His passion for music is writing songs and poems about Christ. Tom has also written songs about speakers at Sunday School retreats after secretly getting info from family and friends about them as a way to introduce them for the weekend. He has so far survived the looks he has gotten from them. Has enjoyed singing and playing music with his family at Nursing Homes and interacting with the residents. (Peace, Love and Big Donuts).

Jon Moody

Long time member Jon Moody along with his wife Karen have made music a part of their marriage for 25+ years. Known collectively as “La'Capp,” the guitar/flute duo has entertained at a various venues around the Akron-Cleveland area. Karen's fluting can also be heard with the Goodyear Stan Hywet Concert Band and the Western Star Flute Ensemble. Jon began strumming and singing original works at the Gates of Eden Coffeehouse in Youngstown (a hotbed of folk-rock and protest in the late 60's) and currently plays most Wednesday open-mic nights at Sonnet's Cafe in Wadsworth. Although Jon does most of the songwriting, Karen's nature poetry and lilting counter melodies bring a warm touch to the pair's compositions.

Ken Moody-Arndt

In 2008, because a band gig had dried up, he was new to Akron, and wanted to be around other musicians, Ken decided to check out what was then the Summit County Songwriters Circle. He brought the first song he ever wrote to that first meeting, was inspired and encouraged by the positive feedback, and has been hanging around ever since! With a lot of help from his friends, he came out with a CD of original songs in 2014, and can be seen at various open mics in Cleveland, as well as at the occasional solo gig.

Laura Moore

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David Palomo

David Palomo, by the grace of God and a lenient parole officer, a member of the Songwriters Summit board of respecters, has long been a fugitive from injustice.
After escaping from a sentence of medium hard time at Vanderbilt University, he fled to San Francisco where he spent the decade of the 80's working in organized crime on the Pacific Stock Exchange options trading floor.
It was during this time that he spread his wings musically, playing for the bums and riff raff in Washington Square park in North Beach. Most regard this as the pinnacle of his musical and, indeed, life accomplishment--though some believe that his 2000-2005 tenure as the village idiot of Hudson Ohio merits some consideration in this regard.

He currently enjoys a life of well deserved obscurity in the witless protection program.

Bobby Patetta

Bobby Patetta is a singer-songwriter specializing in blues, rock and folk, and has been performing and recording on guitar, harmonica and vocals for over 50 years. Born and raised in New Jersey where he started out singing and playing in rock bands, he has also worked extensively along the Gulf Coast of Florida, playing harmonica and washboard with Rosie O'Grady's Dixieland Band in Pensacola, guitar and blues harp in the greater Tampa area and in Ohio since 1990. Bobby is currently performing with the Hot Potatoes band, as well as making many solo appearances. He is also known for making a joyful noise on Sunday mornings at many Unity and UCC churches in the area.

Jay Reed

Bob Sammon

When Bob Sammon “picks up his Guild dreadnought guitar,” according to the Dayton Daily News, “his song rings out, a story set to music.” Starting in New York and honing his musical craft in southwest Ohio, Bob now resides outside of Cleveland and performs for audiences young and old alike. He is deeply involved in music on the North Coast whether he’s performing in concert halls and taverns, for benefits or in schools. His appearances foster folk music and the craft of songwriting. His shows feature original music that many listeners have called “heart-felt” while others say it truly comes “from the heart” telling stories both personal and universal. His current CD, Here’s To You Friends, features some of his best know songs. This short video will give you a glimpse of the variety of music you’ll hear during a show by Bob Sammon.

Jerry Slea

Jerry Slea hails from "Tennsatucky," having grown up in Gallatin, Tennessee, surrounded by country music. "According to Jerry, he carried a guitar for over 50 years, but never considered being a performer, much less a songwriter.  He wrote his first song at the tender age of 64.  Five years later you see him at open mics and coffeehouses throughout Northeast Ohio.  Jerry's music has a strong spiritual feel, but it wouldn't be called Gospel.  It's equally at home in Christian and non-christian worship centers.  Expect to see his first album 'Every Song Tells A Story' on Music Row in Nashville in 2019.


Chris Sykora

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Keith Thornton

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Mike Urban

Mike Urban is originally from Kent, Ohio. He was in bands for over thirty years in the Columbus, Ohio area. He currently lives in Stow, Ohio and has focused on songwriting. He has written songs in many styles, including rock, country, blues, reggae, 60’s pop, 50’s pop and 40’s pop.

Len Vickory

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Bill Van Jura

Bill Van Jura started playing guitar at age thirteen.   By the time he went to college at OSU he was probably spending too much time in the coffee houses either playing or listening when he should have been hitting the books.  At age 23 he had to decide between becoming an internationally famous singer/songwriter, or a secondary social studies teacher.  He opted for a very successful and enjoyable 38 years as a teacher and has only recently picked up on the internationally famous singer/songwriter track.  He currently writes and records in his home studio and some of his songs are available to listen to on soundcloud.com.  He enjoys writing, performing and collaborating.  His goal is to change the world…one song at a time.

Dave Waldeck

Dave Waldeck enjoys many types/genres of music; from Latin to old-school funk and soul. Especially those that make him feel like dancing. He has been known to coax a lady to dance, or simply dance on his own if the spirit moves.
Although Dave has written many poems and song outlines, he has translated few into completed songs. Dave believes in constructive critique of a song, and hopes his suggestions are taken in a positive fashion. Concerned deeply about world conditions and its people, Dave believes music can unite, brighten, and occasionally change the world for the better.

Bob Wood

Robert Whiddon aka Bob Wood survived the 60's Folk Scene, playing with local Akron/Cleveland folk bands. He began writing and performing contemporary music in the mid-90's. A former member of Cleveland Songwriters, Bob was active with Songwriter Summit since their beginning. A skilled host and sound engineer, you may have met him at the Riverfront Coffee Mill, Arabica, Sonnet's or Musica open mic's "back in the day." As a singer and finger-style guitarist, Bob's songs are inspired by nature, life, and lessons learned along the way. Bob has four CDLP's published: "Wandering Road," "Northern Nights," "Dreamscape," and "Songs of the Cuyahoga Valley."


Alex Bevan

Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson came from across the pond and brought with him a funny accent. He was a founding member of our group and did much to assist with sound management and helped out at many of our live performances. Terry is an acoustic guitarist and although not many of his self-penned songs will be remembered, he did perform regularly at many of the local live music venues. When once asking the group if one of his new songs was too long, one of the members retorted “all your songs are too long.” Terry left to go back to the UK in 2011, but there’s a rumor that he might be heading back this way for a while.

Kasim Sulton


Tom Ball

Tom Ball was a host of radio shows on 91.3 The Summit (WAPS) for many years and hosted the Mountain Rose Concerts in Kent. Tom also had 2 radio shows heard on local station 96.1FM - WCFI where on Wednesday's you could listen to Just Plain Folk at 4am, 5pm and 9pm along with Bedtime Snack, which aired Wednesday's at 10pm.


Joe Benes

Linda Foster

Dave Hershman

Dave Hershman was a warm, wonderful, humorous, gentle man who brought personality to our group. He was one of our driving forces, always bringing new songs to the workshop and collaborating with many of our creative talents. He once said, “When I came to this songwriter group, it was exactly what I was looking for.” and his input made it even better for every one of us. His philosophy was simple, ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story.’ and that was typical of his mischievous humor. It is recorded, that Dave was the only songwriter to have been able to rhyme a word with ‘Orange.’ I bet you are now trying to do the same! R.I.P. Dave

John Hutchens

Chuck Picklesimer

Chuck Picklesimer was a (mostly) lifelong resident of Northern West Virginia.    He considered his song writing ability to be similar to a Clint Eastwood western……”The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”
Some of his favorite artists were Cash, Tommy Emmanuel, Molly Tuttle, Dave Rawlings, and the notorious Mr. Patetta of Ohio fame.

Byron Lee Walker